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Fluoxetine hydrochloride (3-(p-trifluoromethylphenoxy)-N-methyl-3-phenylpropylamine HCl) was first described in a scientific journal in 1974 as a selective serotonin.Date of Approval: January 19, 2007 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION SUMMARY ORIGINAL NEW ANIMAL DRUG APPLICATION NADA 141-272 RECONCILE Fluoxetine Hydrochloride.Nexcyon is advancing veterinary medicine and improving the quality of. long-acting transdermal fentanyl solution newly approved for use in dogs Kukanich, B.Reconcile (fluoxetine hydrochloride) Chewable Tablets Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.The Benefits of Prozac for Dogs If your dog is suffering from anxiety-related behavioral issues, your vet may prescribe Prozac.

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Pharmaceutical drugs are big business in America, it seems they have a drug for everything. Reconcile (Prozac) is a once daily chewable tablet.

The active substance in Reconcile, fluoxetine, is a selective serotonin-re.Dogs who suffer with separation anxiety become more optimistic when taking the animal equivalent of Prozac during behavioural treatment, according to the results of.Reconcile should not be used on its own but only in dogs that are also undergoing.

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Hi, I am interested in hearing about your experiences and results with Reconcile (Prozac) for dogs.More than 2.8 million dog owners a year give their pet Prozac. Eli Lilly sold doggie Prozac under the name Reconcile. Why Some Pets Take Prozac.Fluoxetine, the generic anti-anxiety drug better known as Prozac, is increasingly being prescribed for behavior problems in dogs such as fear aggression and.Separation Anxiety, Doggie Prozac. (i.e. Reconcile) for dogs. six dogs were intentionall y overdosed with oral fluoxetine.

Fluoxetine Capsules for Behavioral Issues in Dogs and Cats.

With significant advances in the understanding of dog behavioral problems, veterinarians and animal.Into ozone bubbles and can not occlude vessels, If far gone fluoxetine perimenopause.

Reconcile: ATC: QN06AB03: Substance: fluoxetine: Manufacturer: Eli Lilly and Company Limited: Species: Dogs.

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Prozac for Your Dog. Anxiety-ridden dogs that go berserk when left alone by their owners will soon have a new.Includes: indications, dosage, adverse reactions, pharmacology and more.

Fluoxetine is the generic version of Prozac that is safe for dogs and cats suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and panic disorders.

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Pets on Prozac: Drug treatment can help anxious dogs Date: May 14, 2015 Source: University of Lincoln Summary: Dogs who suffer with separation anxiety become more.Elanco Animal Health Co: RECONCILE chewable tablets are indicated for the treatment of canine separation anxiety in conjunction with a behavior modification.

Separation anxiety in dogs describes a condition in which a dog exhibits distress and behavior problems when separated from its handler.Learn about Reconcile for animal usage including: active ingredients, directions for use, precautions, and storage information.

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We carry hundreds of quality pet food brands for dogs and cats.Reconcile official prescribing information for healthcare professionals.

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Reconcile chewable tablets are available in 8, 16, 32, and 64 mg tablet strengths for.

Adverse Reactions information for Reconcile (Fluoxetine Hydrochloride) including,,, and other adverse reactions information.

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Fluoxetine is used to reduce anxiety and aggression in dogs and cats.Prozac, Zoloft, Citalopram, Sertraline, Lexapro and Cymbalta are all antidepressants poisonous to dogs and cats.Reconcile: ATC: QN06AB03: Substance: fluoxetine: Manufacturer: Eli Lilly and Company Limited.She has been for over six months, and our lives have changed dramatically because of it.

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The dog version of prozac. Some dogs do well with just six months others are lifers on the meds.

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Fluoxetine (Generic) Capsules for Behavioral Disorders in Dogs and Cats.Reconcile is a chewable, flavored tablet that contains fluoxetine hydrochloride.Prozac is the brand name of fluoxetine hydrochloride, marketed as Reconcile for dogs and cats.

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